goodsoil events presents – good soil produces good food

goodsoilIt’s been a busy couple of weeks for us as we transition into the summer months with seasonal flavors and new food! In the midst of all the excitement we were THRILLED to have the opportunity to team up with friend and collegue, Melissa Jones of Goodsoil Events, an organization and #girlboss both near and dear to us. Good Soil Produces Good Food was held last Wednesday, on a beautiful evening in our Bethesda Row location. Stories of food, health and soil were shared by guest speakers: Annita Seckinger (soil scientist), Daniel Brafman (holistic health & performance coach speaker) and ours truly, Amy Waldman. We dined on our signature green juice, a seasonal favorite strawberry lemonade, thai quinoa bowls (being prepped below) and a GIANT bowl of kale chips. Never one to say no to an adventure (especially if it’s an organic food one!) Melissa and team allowed us to run a new seasonal smoothie (orange, banana, pienapple and kale) as well as a truly on-the-spot cinnamon-banana cashew “ice cream” with acai blueberry crunch topping. Thanks for everything GoodSoil Events, we can’t wait for round two! Check out more fun photos from the night (like our girl Miss Dixie trying her hand as a #coldpressed (mini chia pudding) cocktail waitress here on our instagram).  goodsoil2goodsoil1goodsoil4goodsoil3goodsoil5

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