summer months survival guide – pure chia


I don’t know about you, but once summer hits in DC, hot, heavy foods are the LAST thing on my mind. They leave me feeling slow and lethargic (not to mention, even more sweaty!). Puree’s fresh-pressed PINEAPPLE infused Daily Green on the other hand? That juice is my summer JAM. It’s light, refreshing and high in manganese (which aids in metabolism) and Vitamin C. But sometimes a juice just isn’t enough and on those days I go with PURE CHIA, a daily green loaded with chia, a superfood seed that is naturally high in fiber and soaks up to 12 TIMES their weight in liquid (giving it a bubble-tea like consistency). The PURE CHIA fills me up without weighing me down, while also aiding in hydration. Not a pineapple fan?? We can turn most of our cold pressed juices into a PURE CHIA with a 24-hour advance notice. :)

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