why we’re using (and will keep using!) cashew mylk

cashew milkLast autumn we addressed our sudden company wide removal of almond mylk back in May here on the blogand we’ve revisited that decision over the last few weeks in the wake of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s call to action in California. After much discussion we have decided to continue replacing all of our ALMOND based nut mylks with CASHEW, to do our part in alleviating the overall demand on almonds. It’s nights like last night (hello 12 hour downpour) that we often forget environmental crisis like the ongoing west coast drought. Moreover, while it’s easy to feel the effects in our own life (read: grocery bill), it is much harder to grasp the inverse and abstract affect WE as consumers have some 3,000 miles away. We are working hard to build an eco-conscious company and consider this a small step in the right direction. Thank you, as always for your support and understanding.

*We will still be producing almond mylk in small, special order batches for those with allergies. Please call customer service at 301.246.0509 if this applies to you!

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