raw coconut water regulations (and a brief look at the relationship between cold pressed juice and the FDA)

coconutwaterFDAWhen I first started working for Puree Juice Bar, our operations manager and I had a long talk about what it meant to be working in the cold pressed juice industry. He said it was something of a “rodeo,” and everyday was a different set of unpredictable obstacles as a result. He said Puree learned that lesson first hand when Whole Foods asked us to stock their shelves with our juice after being in operation for under a year(!!). He said it was an honor, especially in DC and we sold out DAILY. Aside from landing such a huge account, the staff was proud to know a leader in the global health community was a fan of Puree Juice’s product.

Then one day we received word that wholesaling unpasteurized juice is a direct violation of FDA regulation, based on a 1999 case with preeminent cold pressed juice company, Odwalla. Our options were to start high pressure pasteurizing (HPP) as Odwalla did afterward, ignore the FDA regulation or pull out of Whole Foods all together.

As far as we were concerned, there was only one option.

Puree Juice was the first and is still the only ALL organic, no HPP, cold pressed juice company in the DMV area—a significant and powerful step in the East Coast health scene here in the United States. Amy Waldman, our truly fearless leader, named the company Puree Juice Bar, in an homage to her dedication to a PURE product. To this day, we are proud and honored to say she has never even considered lowering her standards or expectations, despite growing competition, increasing product costs and the general up’s and down’s of managing a small business. So last year when we started to hear industry talk about similar FDA regulation on raw imported coconut water coming out of Thailand (the major distributor of raw coconut water/meat, worldwide), we began to search for solutions should speculation eventually become law.

As of February 20, 2015 it is the law.

As it is often said, “We don’t make the rules but we don’t break them either.” Starting FRIDAY, March 27, we will be carrying FRESHLY TAPPED FLORIDA COCONUTS in order to continue offering a product we believe is integral to our cold pressed juice product line as well as a hugely important source of health benefits. The water will be straight from the coconut in the stores, and bottled for cleanses only. Coconuts will be available at Bethesda and MINT Adams Morgan, and will be tapped to order for you to enjoy and reap the benefits of right away.

The burgeoning raw food scene, and cold pressed juice in particular, is always changing. We are proud to be a small part of the push to have our voices heard and have the right to access the food we want to put in our bodies. Our dedication to rally for those rights will never waiver but our equally valued respect for public safety and the law will not either. We work tirelessly to find ways to bring you both and appreciate your continued love and support.

All Our Love, Puree Juice

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