making raw diets more accessible, less strident.

flaxavocado[a simple raw snack: spinach, avocado, olive oil, sea salt and flax seeds.]

Here at Puree we’re big proponents and practitioners of the raw food movement. The health benefits of eating completely unprocessed food is unparalleled. But we also know what a major time and lifestyle commitment it is to eat 100% raw. We realize what a massive undertaking it is to follow any specialized diet 100% of the way, 100% of the time.

Our company goal has always been to make health MORE ACCESSIBLE; to make a product that fits into YOUR personal lifestyle and to improve the overall ease in acquiring raw food. This recent Washington Post article featuring raw food chef, Matthew Kenney, speaks in solidarity with our mission statement and we’re so glad to see it garnering attention. Incorporating healthier options into your diet as often as you can is what matters the most and we are working hard to increase our line of raw, plant-based, gluten free food options to help make that task a little bit easier.

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