national grapefruit month

grapefruit2 grapefruit1

February is National Grapefruit Month and as someone who previously only knew what the super sugar-infused, processed juice (if we can even call it that) tasted like, I am proud to be sharing health facts about the real deal, today. Check out Nutrition Stripped’s comprehensive Spotlight on Grapefruit. McKel is a plant-based dietitian/nutritionist/health coach and our “go-to” girl for expert advice (and mouthwatering food photography). Also below we’re sharing some delicious looking grapefruit recipes from around the web. Stay warm out there today, DC. And Happy National Grapefruit February!

Rice Noodle Salad with Grapefruit and Peanuts shared by Eats Well With Others
Baked Grapefruit shared by Floating Kitchen
Grapefruit Brulee and Oatmeal with Buckwheat Honey, Almond Butter and Cream shared by Nancy’s Cravings (we’ve used our Vanilla Cashew Mylk as a dairy substitute in oatmeal and it’s been AMAZING! Extra creamy and protein packed!)
Grapefruit & Thyme Glazed Root Vegetables shared by Foraged Dish
Grapefruit Bars shared by Technicolor Kitchen (we suggest replacing butter with a non-darily alternative and the eggs with either unsweetened apple sauce or banana for a plant-based version)

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