how to pick your protein powder

cacaoprotein2 cacaoprotien1

Over the summer I read an article in GQ Magazine discussing various protein bars. It addressed the widespread problem with protein supplements in terms of effective regulation by the FDA (this piece in the Chicago Tribune is mind-blowing in terms of LACK of oversight) and blatant nutritional misinformation by many manufacturers. But mostly, it spoke to the unreliable QUALITY of these prolific powders themselves. Apparently, many of our most ubiquitous brands are using “sub-par” protein blends (a simple Google search pulled up this ConsumerLab report from last June regarding America’s 3 billion dollar a year industry). Up until that point I’ve simply looked at grams per bar, sugar count (this is important to me if I’m using the bars as a convenient snack and not a work out supplement or replacement meal) and picked a brand and flavor I like (spoiler alert: it’s ALWAYS PEANUT BUTTER). I never realized the varying degrees of protein powder quality and/or the fact that I could be eating CHEMICALS.

Here at Puree we offer our house made cacao protein powder made with WHOLE, RAW, ORGANIC ingredients: cacao powder, maca, mesquite, hemp, flax and chia seed to ensure when you ask us for a PURE PROTEIN supplement that’s exactly what (and all) you’ll get!

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