making raw diets more accessible, less strident.

flaxavocado[a simple raw snack: spinach, avocado, olive oil, sea salt and flax seeds.]

Here at Puree we’re big proponents and practitioners of the raw food movement. The health benefits of eating completely unprocessed food is unparalleled. But we also know what a major time and lifestyle commitment it is to eat 100% raw. We realize what a massive undertaking it is to follow any specialized diet 100% of the way, 100% of the time.

Our company goal has always been to make health MORE ACCESSIBLE; to make a product that fits into YOUR personal lifestyle and to improve the overall ease in acquiring raw food. This recent Washington Post article featuring raw food chef, Matthew Kenney, speaks in solidarity with our mission statement and we’re so glad to see it garnering attention. Incorporating healthier options into your diet as often as you can is what matters the most and we are working hard to increase our line of raw, plant-based, gluten free food options to help make that task a little bit easier.

national grapefruit month

grapefruit2 grapefruit1

February is National Grapefruit Month and as someone who previously only knew what the super sugar-infused, processed juice (if we can even call it that) tasted like, I am proud to be sharing health facts about the real deal, today. Check out Nutrition Stripped’s comprehensive Spotlight on Grapefruit. McKel is a plant-based dietitian/nutritionist/health coach and our “go-to” girl for expert advice (and mouthwatering food photography). Also below we’re sharing some delicious looking grapefruit recipes from around the web. Stay warm out there today, DC. And Happy National Grapefruit February!

Rice Noodle Salad with Grapefruit and Peanuts shared by Eats Well With Others
Baked Grapefruit shared by Floating Kitchen
Grapefruit Brulee and Oatmeal with Buckwheat Honey, Almond Butter and Cream shared by Nancy’s Cravings (we’ve used our Vanilla Cashew Mylk as a dairy substitute in oatmeal and it’s been AMAZING! Extra creamy and protein packed!)
Grapefruit & Thyme Glazed Root Vegetables shared by Foraged Dish
Grapefruit Bars shared by Technicolor Kitchen (we suggest replacing butter with a non-darily alternative and the eggs with either unsweetened apple sauce or banana for a plant-based version)

what to do when you fail to fend off the beltway flu (5 natural alternatives to pepto bismol)

lemonI feel confident about my awareness and alertness surrounding the dreaded DMV winter flu. When someone is else is sick I strategically avoid physical contact. I wash my hands. I sanitize the counter tops. I increase fruits and vegetables. I’ve managed to go the last EIGHT years without a flu shot and only got sick once after very long week working in an office on a college campus with a co-worker so ill I periodically peeked my head in to say, “Just makin’ sure you’re still alive in there!” Ha. Ha. (No but seriously, ARE YOU OK?)

And then last Monday, IT HAPPENED. The stomach bug took me down, and got me GOOD. Desperate to get up and about after taking a 24-hour life hiatus, I started researching some of the best natural remedies and found this great flu-fighting guidebook (which I selected out of a handful of others for its depth AND brevity). When I woke up I drank alkaline water (ph level 9.5)  before anything else to ensure I was getting the maximum hydration with the least amount of liquid (you know when you’re so sick even WATER is a troublemaker first thing in the morning). Puree Juice’s Daily Green was the perfect afternoon pineapple supplement (and so refreshing!—nothing like a summery, cold pressed juice blend when you’re feeling down in the winter dumps), and a homemade lemon-ginger tea rounded out my natural remedy routine right before bed.

I felt so much better after each superfood-fueled hydration “station” and the relief wasn’t short term as I’ve experienced when taking over-the-counter medication. Instead of temporarily suppressing symptoms, these remedies actually put me one permanent step closer to being fully better. What are some of your natural flu-fighters? We wanna know!

ps. I’ve heard amazing things about the health benefits of bone broth and have also heard DC’s newest clean eating spot, Halsa, has got it!

how to pick your protein powder

cacaoprotein2 cacaoprotien1

Over the summer I read an article in GQ Magazine discussing various protein bars. It addressed the widespread problem with protein supplements in terms of effective regulation by the FDA (this piece in the Chicago Tribune is mind-blowing in terms of LACK of oversight) and blatant nutritional misinformation by many manufacturers. But mostly, it spoke to the unreliable QUALITY of these prolific powders themselves. Apparently, many of our most ubiquitous brands are using “sub-par” protein blends (a simple Google search pulled up this ConsumerLab report from last June regarding America’s 3 billion dollar a year industry). Up until that point I’ve simply looked at grams per bar, sugar count (this is important to me if I’m using the bars as a convenient snack and not a work out supplement or replacement meal) and picked a brand and flavor I like (spoiler alert: it’s ALWAYS PEANUT BUTTER). I never realized the varying degrees of protein powder quality and/or the fact that I could be eating CHEMICALS.

Here at Puree we offer our house made cacao protein powder made with WHOLE, RAW, ORGANIC ingredients: cacao powder, maca, mesquite, hemp, flax and chia seed to ensure when you ask us for a PURE PROTEIN supplement that’s exactly what (and all) you’ll get!