hello, hydration? it’s me, horribly dry skin.


A couple weeks ago I was sitting at coffee across from someone I’d just met (for the record, it was a creative meet up not a last minute Tinder date), and looked to down see my painfully (visually AND physically) dry skin, ready to crack near the knuckles and right around my fingernails. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s what winter can do if left untreated.

I’ve been reading about the benefits of dry brushing for a while now and decided to give it a whirl (or really a circular motion rubbing) to see if I couldn’t save my skin from further cold weather damage. I used this Step-By-Step Dry Brushing Guide shared by MindBodyGreen and have been dry brushing before showering for the last 10 days. And so far?? I’M HOOKED.

Full disclosure, I am firmly planted in the “see for yourself,” school of health and wellness across the board so while I was sure my skin would feel smoother and likely LOOK better, I was skeptical to read that simply brushing off dry skin would “improve circulation” in any way I could actually account for. So skeptical I only dry brushed one side of my body the first few times to see if I noticed a difference. And I DID. In fact, near immediately after I could feel a tingling sensation all the way into my toes on the right side I’d recently brushed.

I’m loving the noticeably and notably newer look on my previously withered winter skin and improved circulation (especially during the colder months) am excited to see the full results after the generally recommended 30 days. Updates to come!

Do you dry brush or have a winter weather skin care ritual you swear by? We want to know! Please share with us on our Facebook page. :)

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