under the winter weather? drink more water! and here’s a great hot ginger drink to help you stay hydrated and healthy.


DC had a REPORTED 110 cases of the flu as of December and temperatures are only continuing to drop. Aside from the fluctuation in temperature, people tend to be more likely to contract a virus simply due to dehydration. Consider it’s 19° like it is right now. And you come in from the cold. The last thing on your mind is a giant glass of COLD WATER. Plus, the body has a more difficult time recognizing thirst when it isn’t hot, causing many of us to fall way short of those eight 8-oz. recommended servings of water.

Thankfully, we’ve come across Sadie’s Flu-Fighting Elixir, which is not only packed with all our favorite immunity boosting superfoods and will help you hydrate but is HOT AND DELICIOUS ALSO. We’re obsessed! Stay warm and healthy out there and happy weekend, friends!

*If you don’t have access to a blender we suggest picking up one of our ginger juice shots and taking out the garlic!

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