hello, hydration? it’s me, horribly dry skin.


A couple weeks ago I was sitting at coffee across from someone I’d just met (for the record, it was a creative meet up not a last minute Tinder date), and looked to down see my painfully (visually AND physically) dry skin, ready to crack near the knuckles and right around my fingernails. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s what winter can do if left untreated.

I’ve been reading about the benefits of dry brushing for a while now and decided to give it a whirl (or really a circular motion rubbing) to see if I couldn’t save my skin from further cold weather damage. I used this Step-By-Step Dry Brushing Guide shared by MindBodyGreen and have been dry brushing before showering for the last 10 days. And so far?? I’M HOOKED.

Full disclosure, I am firmly planted in the “see for yourself,” school of health and wellness across the board so while I was sure my skin would feel smoother and likely LOOK better, I was skeptical to read that simply brushing off dry skin would “improve circulation” in any way I could actually account for. So skeptical I only dry brushed one side of my body the first few times to see if I noticed a difference. And I DID. In fact, near immediately after I could feel a tingling sensation all the way into my toes on the right side I’d recently brushed.

I’m loving the noticeably and notably newer look on my previously withered winter skin and improved circulation (especially during the colder months) am excited to see the full results after the generally recommended 30 days. Updates to come!

Do you dry brush or have a winter weather skin care ritual you swear by? We want to know! Please share with us on our Facebook page. :)

hope floats – infrared sauna and floatation therapy


From reading countless health and wellness blogs, as well as hearing many customer questions and comments, I have really wanted to try an infrared sauna. I googled this specific type of sauna and as it turns out, there is an infrared sauna right here in Bethesda! I made my appointment, and then showed up 30 minutes early (I tend to be anxious about new things & also tend to overestimate how much time it takes me to get somewhere). Turns out it was a good thing I showed up early because I was able to talk to the owner, Kimmie. I was expecting to enjoy the infrared sauna, but when I arrived, she explained to me a little bit about the other part of their business: flotation therapy. When she first showed me the flotation tank, I was admittedly a little terrified. But like all things that scare me, of course I had to run at it head on. I decided to do the “Total Hope Floats Experience”, which includes a 30-minute infrared sauna experience, and is followed immediately by an hour inside of the flotation therapy tank. And so my Hope Floats Experience began… Continue reading

juice-till-dinner cleanse

juicetilldinnerAfter a solid 8 months of tweaking here and there we’ve finally figured out what people want most is a cleanse that fits their lifestyle without forcing them to miss out on sharing great meals with friends and family. As a result, we’ve extended our best selling Reception Season Cleanse into the new year as the Juice-Till-Dinner Cleanse ($99, 3-days, 12 juices!) to continue supplying you with a juice plan that allows you to merge health and lifestyle as seamlessly as possible. Looking for some dinner suggestions to try out on your JTD cleanse? Here are some clean eating main meals I’ve pinned lately:

Lemony Kale White Bean Soup shared by Fork Knife Swoonstylestylestyle
Pasta Soup With Sweet Potato And Peas
shared by PrimaVera Kitchenstyle
Maple Carrot Quinoa Cakes
shared by Dora Daily
Cauliflower Fried “Rice”
shared by Home Sweet Jones
PIZZA Power Bowl
shared by Blissful Basil (REALLY excited to try this one!)

There are a number of ways to personalize the JTD cleanse to maximize its efficacy even further. Here are some suggestions!

Just-Juice-After-Breakfast – Here’s the thing. I’m a morning person. But more over, I’m a BREAKFAST person. I need to eat within the first 10 minutes of waking up (and heaven help anyone who has to interact with me beforehand). So the ideal Juice-Till-Dinner cleanse for me is if I do the inverse and eat a healthy breakfast of my own making and then drink juice the rest of the day. Here are some recipes I’m dying to try:

Quick Raspberry Bowl shared by Green Evi
Easy Maple Pumpkin Oatmeal shared by Natural Comfort Kitchen
Overnight Buckwheat Cashew Parfait shared by A House In The Hills
Cashew Milk Carob Pancakes shared by get.it.together.coaching

Juice-And-Small-Meals-Instead – If you’d prefer to space out your 4 juices over the course of the day and eat small snacks in between that’s great too! Here’s a great list of 100 and Under Calorie Snacks by SkinnyMom to get you going.

Break-For-Lunch – Most of the people who originally purchased our Reception Season Cleanse were people who work in traditional offices with standard 9-5ish hours. They said the best part about the cleanse was being able to keep half of their juices at work and drink the first two before office lunch and the last two at home. Looking for some healthier eating out options? Here’s a great list of Approved Places to Dine Out put together by our Bethesda Based Puree girl.

Got a recipe or a spin on our JTD Cleanse we need to know about? Sharing is caring! Leave a comment here, on Facebook or Instagram!

under the winter weather? drink more water! and here’s a great hot ginger drink to help you stay hydrated and healthy.


DC had a REPORTED 110 cases of the flu as of December and temperatures are only continuing to drop. Aside from the fluctuation in temperature, people tend to be more likely to contract a virus simply due to dehydration. Consider it’s 19° like it is right now. And you come in from the cold. The last thing on your mind is a giant glass of COLD WATER. Plus, the body has a more difficult time recognizing thirst when it isn’t hot, causing many of us to fall way short of those eight 8-oz. recommended servings of water.

Thankfully, we’ve come across Sadie’s Flu-Fighting Elixir, which is not only packed with all our favorite immunity boosting superfoods and will help you hydrate but is HOT AND DELICIOUS ALSO. We’re obsessed! Stay warm and healthy out there and happy weekend, friends!

*If you don’t have access to a blender we suggest picking up one of our ginger juice shots and taking out the garlic!

psa on #psl

pumpkinspiceheaderpumpkinspiceLast October we launched the new  2-day “weekend” juice and smoothie cleanse, which featured a very well received (if we do say so ourselves!), vegan/gluten free/refined sugar free, PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE. We’re proud to stand behind our #PSL, which is made with REAL PUMPKIN PUREE, ground ginger, cold pressed cashew mylk, mejool dates and organic cinnamon, nutmeg and cold pressed coffee. Interested in what’s REALLY in Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte? Check out these stats and facts by Food Babe, below.

pumpkinspice2pumpkinspice3We’re not saying NEVER EVER partake in Starbuck’s favorite fall specialty. As of 2014 some 220 million #PSL’s were sold and in the spirit of full disclosure, Puree Juice staff has contributed to that number over the years! The bottom line? BE AWARE of what you’re eating, the ingredients you’re putting into your body on a daily basis. Know that some companies will skirt providing transparent nutritional facts if it works to their advantage. Don’t be afraid to ask for this information if it is not readily available. It’s your right to know!