welcome to everyday puree!


Our original Tumblr blog got a little facelift over the last few weeks and we’re so excited to be up and running on WordPress! Everyday Puree is something the Puree Juice staff has been working on since the beginning of the year when we made the leap from “juice juice” to a complete wellness company and we’re so proud to see it here live in the last few days of 2014. Welcome to EP, have a look around and let us know what you think!

Thanks to pandaheadmorgan for the photo!

[holiday detox] 15 reasons you should be drinking lemon water every morning …

lemonadeI started drinking coffee when I was 16 and later worked the morning shift in miscellaneous coffee shops all through college. So by now, coffee isn’t just a habit for me. It’s a ritual. It’s a little bit of slow down time before the rest of the world rushes in on my day. It’s basically WHY I WAKE UP AT ALL. In other words — I’m addicted. ;) So when I did my first juice cleanse a little over a year ago, I was VERY skeptical about quitting caffeine, even for 3 days.

In the end? I juiced for EIGHT.

Lemon juice is an amazing, all-natural, wake-me-up. Combined with a hearty dash of cayenne pepper, our Mean Lemonade has become my new morning ritual. Yes, admittedly, coffee is still part of my diet, but I was blown away to see how easily I could replace one with the other.

In addition to facilitating blood circulation (and therefore, helping curb your caffeine intake), drinking lemon juice works as an AMAZING detox, especially after indulging in holiday “traditions” (i.e: ALL THE ALCOHOL). Want to see what else the tiny but mighty, little lemon has to offer? Check out our Facebook page to see 15 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning.

$99 3-day reception season cleanse special!


Maintain your health during the party season by swapping out non-party meals and snacks with nourishing, organic, cold press juice. “Juicing ‘till dinner” is a popular way to remain focused, make better choices and keep from over-indulging. Simply nourish yourself with 4 juices throughout the day, and enjoy a reasonable celebratory meal in the evening with your friends and loved ones.

Each day you receive:
Pomegranate Lemon-Aid (cleansing, anti-oxidants and circulation)
Daily Green (aids digestion, detoxifying and phytonutrients)
Green Goddess (phytonutrients and detoxifying)
Vanilla Cashew Mylk (hydrating, filling and protein to keep you satisfied before the party)

* Purée also recommends plenty of water, herbal or green tea, alkaline water or our truly raw coconut water as needed to recuperate!


winter combat – salt caves for first timers


Today was a momentous occasion; I woke up feeling refreshed and energized – which has been rare for me as of late! With the drastic changes in temperature, as well as the expected changing of seasons, I have been extremely low on energy and seemingly in a constant battle with getting sick. I know I am not alone on these wintery symptoms since many customers have been coming in who have been experiencing the very same things. So what is the fix? Yes, getting your veggies into your diet is critical when your immune system is more susceptible. And yes, ginger and cayenne can help you fight your cold. But I was looking for something that could help heal my body, aside from nutrition.

So what to do? Well, I have wanted to go to the Bethesda Salt Caves for a while now, and when I got off of work yesterday, it felt like the right time to go try it out. When I first walked in, I was immediately relaxed. The beautiful aroma resonating from the handmade soaps, as well as the dim-lit entrance put me into an immediate trance. Since I had never been there before, I was asking a million questions and clearly needed a little handholding throughout the whole process, so it was a good thing that the staff there is so nice and eager to help. I was guided into the salt cave session room, which had even dimmer lighting than the entrance. I removed my shoes before entering since the floor of the room is covered in sea salt. I chose an open zero gravity chair, grabbed a blanket, and reclined back while I waited for the rest of the group to come in. Even just sitting there while waiting, I felt a massive amount of stress escape from my shoulders.

Finally, it was time for our session to begin and the nice man from the front turned down the lights completely, and turned on the salt blower. I was a little hesitant about the salt blower, thinking it would be blowing table salt out onto me, but alas it did not. The salt must be so miniscule that it is blown out into the air almost as if it just the essence of the salt. By breathing in the salt air, and having it touch your skin, it gets absorbed into your body and claims to heal a plethora of problems. Apparently it aids in the treatment of ailments such as arthritis, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, depression, migraines, sleep disorder, snoring, stress, and countless skin problems.

I know, I know, it sounds a little hokey, but now I totally buy into it. The peaceful sounds, the dim lighting, and the forced isolation for 45 minutes is healing in of itself, but when I left my session, I truly felt like I could breathe more clearly. I felt a calm throughout me that I have not felt in a very long time. And most importantly for me, I slept that night so soundly and woke up feeling truly refreshed. So yeah, maybe salt caves are not going to solve all of my problems. BUT, I do have to say, the next time I’m feeling exhausted, like I need a break from the stressors in my life, or like I am really trying to fight off a cold, I know exactly where I’ll be headed.

it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!


Bethesda Row is all dolled up for the holidays and we couldn’t be happier. Looking for a stocking stuffer for this wintery weather? Try out our mini miracle creams by Skincando! Made locally (the company was born right here in Washington, DC!), Skincando products are eco-friendly and 100% organic. We currently carry the Mini Eye Balm and Mini Miracle Cream. Perfect to stash in your bag on-the-go and small enough to pass airport regulations if you’re traveling for the holidays!