hosting thanksgiving for friends and family with dietary restrictions (the easiest way out)


Cooking Thanksgiving dinner isn’t easy. Especially if you or your host is expecting a guest with dietary restrictions. When I first embarked on my gluten free journey, now 8 years ago, every meal was basically some version of brown rice and vegetables (forget apple pie, forget dinner rolls fresh from the oven, say goodbye to stuffing forever :/ ).

Nowadays, it’s much easier to prepare a meal for someone who adheres to an alternative diet thanks to the internet and an overall increased awareness. Still, it’s certainly not simple. If you are planning on having or hosting someone on a plant-based, paleo or gluten-free (or any other!) diet and would like to find the most efficient route, local health food stores are a great place to start for both supplies and recipe suggestions.

Also, Whole Foods has prepared a number of pre-cooked and/or prepared meals for your favorite gluten free/vegan family and friends like this Vegan Dinner for 2 (fully cooked) or individual Holiday Vegan Gardein Roast (frozen). Also, I just discovered this GF/V gravy by Pacific Foods! Thanksgiving miracle!

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