what’s up with the cashew mylk? (and how come you’re not currently carrying almond?)


Over the summer there was a nation wide recall on organic, raw almonds due to a bad growing season as a result of the west coast drought. By the time most recalls become public knowledge, the problem has passed and companies are able to continue carrying that particular product without making any major changes. However, due to the fact that our juices are 100% raw and completely unpasteurized, Puree Juice pulled ALL of almond mylk products from production, both as a safety measure for our customers but also to demonstrate our commitment to conscious consumption. We have not reintroduced almond mylk back into our regular juice menu since then to show our solidarity to the water depletion crisis in California (the major source of almond farming) and worldwide. In this 60 Minutes interview, “Depleting The Water,” Lesley Stahl discusses new evidence proving our natural groundwater is being “pumped out much faster than it can be replenished,” and points to “thirsty crops” such as almonds as a huge source of concern:

Making things worse, farmers have actually been planting what are known as “thirsty” crops. We saw orchard after orchard of almond trees. Almonds draw big profits, but they need water all year long, and farmers can never let fields go fallow, or the trees will die.

We understand almond mylk is a major component of the cold pressed juice industry and the health industry overall, but we are also firm in our longstanding support for environmental sustainability. Thank you so much for your understanding as we transition.

Love, Puree Juice

ps. If you are allergic to cashews please let us know and we will make special accommodations!

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