what’s the deal with wheatgrass?


[ because it’s so juicy that you musn’t forget to pass on grass!]

People often comment on the fresh aroma of our Bethesda location. Granted, we do have some live plants growing in the store, but the clear answer for why it smells so fresh and lively is from our wheatgrass. Not only do we have numerous wheatgrass flats in our store, but we also are constantly juicing this live nutrient for our customers. Some people are initially hesitant to try wheatgrass, thinking that it will simply taste like grass, but after our customers try their first shot, they are incredibly surprised by its bright and sweet flavor. There’s a reason for all of the wheatgrass fuss. And trust me, it’s not because we are hippies just trying to make a joke about “grass”.

Wheatgrass is considered to be one of the most healing and detoxifying vegetation to consume. After the strands of wheatgrass have been juiced, we recommend that the juice be consumed as close to the time it was juiced as possible. We also recommend that the juice should be swished around the mouth for about 15 seconds — the reason for this is because of its high chlorophyll content. Since chlorophyll has a remarkably similar chemical make-up to human blood, the juice can be readily absorbed into the blood stream through the thin blood vessels in the cheeks and gums. It’s like an immediate oxygen boost! Not only does the wheatgrass contain this high amount of chlorophyll, it also contains potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and protein. It contains all minerals, and 17 amino acids. Now, that is a real mouthful — pun intended ;)

The Hippocrates Institute is the biggest proponent of Wheatgrass stating that it can increase the red blood-cell count, lower blood pressure, stimulate the metabolism, restore alkalinity to the body, and help to detoxify and cleanse. There are have been some other affects of the wheatgrass juice such as helping as a sleep aid, soothing burns or rashes, and even sweetening breath.

Whether or not you completely buy into all of the claims that have been made about wheatgrass, it seems worth it to try it. So I did. And each time that I take a wheatgrass shot (admittedly, I only do a one oz. shot), I notice a buzzing energy and focus about 15 minutes after I take the shot. Even if only one of these health benefits turns out to be true, it seems like the easiest step to take in order to improve one’s health.

So go ahead, don’t pass on grass, and give it a shot!

ps. Join us on November 11th as we kick off our second annual WHEATGRASS FESTIVAL with in-store juice specials, 1/2 prices shots and discounted, wheatgrass inspired smoothies!

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