juice cleansing – what it is and why we do it (and what you can expect before, during and after!)


Juice cleanses. You’ve heard about them, you’ve seen your favorite celebrity doing them, but what is really the deal with them?

Generally speaking, juice cleanses contain 6 juices per day – our juice cleanses follow this same rule. Our typical juice cleanses contain six 16-ounce bottles of cold-pressed, raw, organic juice, as well as two 2-ounce shots of concentrated cold-pressed juice. “Pure” cleanse is our initial cleanse offered, which we reference as a beginners cleanse, mainly because the juices are made up of primarily fruit. Second, we have our “Purify” cleanse, which is slightly more advanced with some more greens, a slightly more advanced carrot juice, and a chocolaty-spiced cashew mylk. Finally, we have our “Clear Verde” cleanse which is our most advanced juice cleanse. Each of the juices in this cleanse contain greens of some kind- which is not to say that they are all green vegetable juices, majority of these juices actually contain fruit. My favorite juice cleanse is called the “Progression” which would be the “Pure” cleanse on the first day, the “Purify” cleanse on the second day, and then finally the “Clear Verde” cleanse on the final day. This allows for a great variety of juices to be enjoyed, and helps with the mental aspect of cleansing because it’s not quite so tedious. All of these cleanses present the juice in a suggested drinking order, and should be consumed about every two hours.

When you decide to do a juice cleanse, it is best to think of it as an investment into your health. We know that these cleanses are not cheap, but if you change how you think about it, you will take away from it a lot more. Think of our cleanses as an investment into rebooting your system with the most concentrated, pure, organic ingredients! Here at Puree we always recommend that you do a pre-cleanse before you jump right into the liquid detox program. This would basically consist of eating as raw as possible and trying to avoid dairy, meat, alcohol, coffee, and processed foods. This way, when you start doing your juice cleanse, you won’t have severe detox symptoms and will actually be able to enjoy the light and positive feeling of doing your juice cleanse. Remember, this is an investment – treat it as such and make sure you are getting the most out of it! While on your juice cleanse, make sure to drink a great deal of water, continue with your workouts, and try to get into a sauna so that you can continue to flush out the toxins. Once you have completed your juice cleanse, you are not done – I repeat – you are not done! You’ve just had the self-control to not eat any food in an effort to improve your health, and now you’re feeling great and motivated. Keep it up! Ease back into eating food again by making a fruit and vegetable smoothie, and then gradually start incorporating more raw foods. If you feel so inclined, you can continue your cleanse by simply eating raw foods. Listen to your body and enjoy how great these complete, live nutrients can make you feel.

See a PDF (printer and download friendly!) version of our COMPLETE CLEANSE GUIDELINES here.

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